We partner with local communities to conserve and restore the dry forest by planting native tree species, such as the Algarrobo (carob) tree, and using Assisted Natural Regeneration.  

Multiple Lines of Action

In all of our conservation projects, A Rocha Peru uses an integrated approach that includes multiple lines of action: conservation, environmental education, and research.


Our conservation projects share a community emphasis, facilitating the participation of a diverse range of stakeholders such as local leaders, smallholder farmers, government authorities, rural associations, grassroot organisations, artesian groups, families, women and students.

Scientific insight and best practises

A Rocha Peru is committed to the conservation and restoration of the natural world applying different methods for restoring dry forest landscapes, both conventional and assisted natural regeneration.  Projects combine the latest scientific insight and best practises in order to intervene appropriately and understand these ecosystems, which includes human beings as part of the solution. 


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