Camilo Díaz Santibañez

National Board Director

Camilo has been a supporter of A Rocha Perú from its inception, and was the former Vice Chair of the National Board (2013 -2016), before assuming his current role as Director of the National Board (2016-2019). Camilo graduated as a Biologist and Botanist from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima, where he also completed his Master’s in Tropical Botany and specialised in Plant Taxonomy. For 20 years he studied the flora of Perú as part of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s field team and is currently a Science Lecturer at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Together with his wife, Hulda, Camilo was a pastor in Lima at the Iglesias Metodistas de la Florida in Rímac, and at the Iglesia Metodista de Miraflores until 2008. The couple are now part of the Pastoral Team at Iglesia Bíblica La Molina. Camilo shares A Rocha Perú’s principles and aspirations and hopes to fulfill God’s mandate to be a faithful steward of creation.


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