Huarango Project

The Reforestation of the Prosopis Dry Forest Project in Ica (2009-2013) was developed over 4 years, with the objective to restore dry forest relicts in Ica, southern Peru. Our project had four components: reforestation, environmental education, working with local people, and research.

  • Cultivated native dry forest seedlings in two nurseries
  • Planted 24.733 Huarango seedlings (Prosopis spp.) and other native species were across 13 communities in Ica

  • Carried out awareness and training programs for 350 students from secondary schools and universities.

  • Created an environmental club and children´s nursery called “Tierra de Los niños felices” teaching around 60 local children to care for the forest.   

  • Trained children in leadership and organisational skills working within Christain values.

  • Trained 7 interns and thesis students on working within nurseries, planting, monitoring, and management. 
  • Thesis students led and trained a group of 50 student volunteers
  • Produced Two thesis, 7 internship reports, and other reports on the evaluations of flora and fauna
Community focus
  •  Engaged over 100 local people with the support of national and foreign volunteers.  

  • Collaborated with three churches and their members in talks on creation care. 

  • Partnered with local organisations such as the Junta de Usuarios de Agua Potable de San Martin de Porres, the Vaso de Leche Andrés Avelino Cáceres and the Asociación para la Niñez y su Ambiente (ANIA)


Melissa NGO, October 2011