Talara Project

The Dry Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Human Development Project in Talara began in January 2014The four-year project was the result of a strategic alliance between A Rocha Peru, ContourGlobal, a wind energy company, and 8 neighborhood councils of Talara Satellite City.

  • The project restored 17 hectares of coastal dry forest within a wind farm and in the surrounding area with 2,766 seedlings of mixed native species.
  • A plant nursery produced over 4,240 native plants, fruit and ornamental plants, as well as, compost and biol. An irrigation system for 7 hectares was installed.
  • The project helped recover habitats of the endangered bird species native to the region, the Peruvian Plantcutter (Phytotoma raimondii)
Environmental Education
  • The project trained 8 neighbourhood councils and 20 community leaders enabling the sustainable management of dry forest resources.  
  • It established 2 environmental clubs at the I.E. General Felipe Santiago Salaverry primary school and the I.E. Victor Maldonado Begazo secondary school.  The clubs developed environmental awareness and leadership for 60 students by implementing organic gardens and conducting talks and workshops.

The project carried out a carbon study and performed a bird monitoring study throughout the dry forests and area surrounding the wind farm. Talara is known as a crucial area for the preservation of endemic species in the Tumbes region.


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Environmental Education Manual (Spanish)

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