Esperanza Peace Centre Project

 La Esperanza is one of the most populated districts of Trujillo province in La Libertad, northern Peru. The families that live in the upper reaches of this district are severely affected by extreme poverty, food insecurity, high levels of crime, domestic violence, child abuse, and poor environmental health. In response to the situation, an idea was borne within the community to create a Peace Centre that would provide a safe space and the opportunity for community members to develop social and environmental values.

Social Development

Participants, 50 children and teenagers, engaged in a range of activities that empowered them with social and environmental values, creating a catalyst for change and sustainable development in their community.   These activities included:

  • Environmental education workshops that enabled the children to become local environmental leaders capable of combatting environmental degradation within the community promoting practical activities such as recycling, hydroponic cultivation, and guinea pig rearing.
  • Afterschool academic support that improved literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Leadership and social development workshops that developed self-esteem, confidence, and cultural identity through modern and traditional dance.
  • Community events and parental workshops that raised awareness of pressing local issues, such as gender violence and child abuse to help protect these vulnerable groups.

Information Sheet Esperanza

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